Alex and Clayton of Reidus and Cletus

Reidus and Cletus - the Cletusvette

Ike sits down with Reidus and Cletus, a.k.a. Alex Reid and Clayton Seams, to discuss their automotive YouTube channel. We learn where the name “Reidus and Cletus” comes from, how the show came to be, and the general format they plan to follow for the series. Of course we hear about the Cletusvette, the process of importing it from California to Toronto, building it during the hottest week in Toronto’s recorded history, the numerous places you can put a coffee or beer mug in and on a Corvette, and how the Québécois will react to it (spoiler: they’ll hate it). We get some previews of coming attractions, including the 1968 Datsun Roadster and near disaster coming in episode two. We also learn why Dogecoin sucks, that trees are fun, the lies that Veggie Tales tells, manifold burritos, their CB callsigns, the worst things about Canadian drivers, and the most Canadian thing ever. Also, I can confirm that everything they say about drivers from Quebec is absolutely true – I married one.

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