Will Clavey of Clavey’s Corner, RFD, and Jalopnik

Will Clavey exiting a Volvo XC90 like a BAMF

Returning to the “studio” this week is Will Clavey, writer for Right Foot Down, his own web site Clavey’s Corner, and recently contributing to some site called Jalopnik. They discuss his new role as Jalopnik’s “Contributing Writer, Canada,” what working with Patrick George is like, and how the Jalopnik gig has changed his perspective on the automotive industry. Will explains what the deal is with press cars, how to keep a good relationship with a manufacturer, and how he fell out of a good relationship with Porsche. Of course they discuss exiting cars like a BAMF, and how the related DriveTribe unexpectedly exploded in popularity. Finally, they talk about how Canadians from different provinces drive, the differences between US and Canadian auto markets, Tim Horton’s leading the Canadian invasion of the US, and why loud blow-off valves are stupid (they’re not).

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