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West coast correspondent Ryan West joins Ike to talk about the left coast. They discuss the new speed cameras that recently went operational in Portland, OR, not to be confused with Portland, ME, and yes, people do live in Maine, I should know because I lived there for seven years and there were definitely people there besides me.

Um, where was I? Oh yes, speed cameras. They discuss other stupid laws that exist on the west coast, failure to zipper merge properly, and what would happen if northern California seceded from southern California. Ryan tells us all about the 2016 Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid he recently drove. Keep your scanners peeled to Right Foot Down for his upcoming review (don’t worry, Ryan, I promise to be kind with the edits). They also talk about what cheap new car you should buy, and exchange tales from the track of various races they’ve attended lately, including who has the best media facilities.

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