Cal DeNyse Of Xtreme Xperience

Ike talkes with Cal DeNyse, Track Operations Director and Chief Instructor of Xtreme Xperience, where you get to drive supercars at speed on real race tracks with an instructor helping you go even faster. Will and Danny attended one of their events at NJMP recently, where Will learned that he’s slow. Speaking of slow, we’ll have more from Danny on that later.

Cal tells us about his racing background, up to and including his current Miata, which, although it’s a super car, is certainly not a supercar. We learn how Cal got involved with Xtreme Xperience and how they’ve grown since he joined. He also talks about the very different types of people who attend, how to read drivers before getting on track to gauge their experience, and how driving on a real track is different than playing Forza. They discuss the fleet of cars available to drive, what they’d like to add to the fleet, and compare notes on their almost, but not quite, matching Ford Fiestas. And, of course, Ike gets Cal’s opinion on the most difficult food to eat while driving.

Next year’s event schedule will becoming out soon. Check out to find an event near you!

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