Tyler Hoover of Autotrader Oversteer

Tyler Hoover in Apollo 911

Ike is on a mission to interview everyone at Autotrader Oversteer, and this week he checks Tyler Hoover off the list. They discuss Tyler’s history with classic Mercedes, learning to wrench on his own cars, and how awesome Volvos are (this is Ike, after all). Tyler tells us the story of attending the first episode of The Grand Tour, cosplaying the Interceptors, and hitting it off extremely well with Jeremy Clarkson as a result. This led to him writing about the experience for Jalopnik, which opened the door to him trolling Doug DeMuro by buying and fixing a Range Rover for less than Doug paid for the CarMax warranty on his own. He also pulled a Tavarish and bought the aptly named Apollo 911, a $9,500 1999 Porsche 911 with no service records and a lunar orbital 243,000 miles. (Sounds more like Apollo 13 to me…) One thing led to another, and Doug ended up snagging Tyler to write with him at Autotrader Oversteer. Ike and Tyler also discuss how he’s progressed as both a writer and a videographer, his current fleet of vehicles, and oh, the places he’s been.

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