Paul Schmucker and Todd Deeken of Everyday Driver

Everyday Driver

Ike chats with the guys from Everyday Driver, one of my favorite YouTube channels as well a popular automotive podcast. Paul and Todd tell us how Everyday Driver began as a TV show pitch ten years ago. (Ironically they’ve now come full circle, with their content is now being shown on Velocity.) When that fell through, they were early YouTube adopters. They tell us about the early days of YouTube, and what the world before GoPros and smartphones was like. We also hear about how they choose which cars to feature, why they never seem to agree with each other, how they picked up European correspondent Tom, and why Tom sounds like he’s from New Jersey rather than his native Germany. Ike corners them for opinions on two of his favorite cars, the Mitsubishi Mirage and the Smart car. They also discuss good first cars for enthusiasts, what Everyday Driver would do with an unlimited budget, whether Todd’s hair qualifies as a mullet or not, and how eating various foods in cars would make an excellent reality show.

Listen here on mobile.

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