Project MJ: The One That Got Away

Jeep Comanche for sale

I almost pulled the plug on this project once, when what I thought was going to be a simple reassembly and partial restoration turned into an engine rebuild or replacement as well. After weighing my options, plus encouragement and offers of help from my friends, I decided to stick it out and fix it. But once again, the situation has changed – not with the Jeep, but with my life. In the past month I’ve not only gotten married, we’re also in the process of buying a garage house. We need to streamline our expenses, and at this time they do not include fixing an old Jeep. It’s up for sale.

Update: It’s sold.

It’s not so much the money we’ll make selling it. We’ll be taking a loss, regardless, over what we’ve put into it between the initial purchase and the parts we’ve put in. That’s writing off all of the labor I’ve put into it, too. It’s more because of the additional expenses it’ll take to finish this project. There’s also the insurance and such we’re paying for a truck that’s not even on the road. I hate unfinished business, but at the moment we simply have other priorities in life.

It’s not just the Jeep, either. I’ve been looking forward to attending more Track Night In America events since the last one I went to last year. But now that’s not going to happen for a little while, at least until our expenses settle down a bit. Spending money on cars in general is taking a back burner for a while. Though I’ve had musings about replacing my BRZ with a WRX, I’ll be hanging onto my sporty little coupe a while longer, and I’m glad to have it so I can still have some driving fun during this lean time in my auto enthusiast life.

Jeep Comanche for sale

It’ll be worth it. I keep telling myself that. I’ll have an awesome garage that I can use for future projects, and even current low cost ones, like fixing the cracked bumper on my BRZ. I’ve extended my potential wrenching time to nights and winters, without natural sunlight or temperature restraints on my work. It’s a place to park my motorcycle out of the elements, and not have to worry about winter storage anymore.

I don’t expect to be down to just the one car indefinitely. We had so many plans for the Comanche. We can still use my wife’s Ford Flex for towing and rally sweep, but we still want to get back into rallycross, and neither of our cars are suitable for it. Our Focus would’ve been perfect, but we’d be trying to sell it right about now for most of the same reasons we’re selling the Jeep, and the Focus is still working and on the road.

No, one day, we’ll pick up another old beater. I’ll drive it through the winter to keep my BRZ out of the snow and salt. My wife will drive it when she wants something smaller and easier to maneuver than her Flex. And we’ll both rallycross the hell out of it.

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