A Tuner’s Guide to the E92 BMW M3

Space Gray E92 BMW M3
Space Gray E92 BMW M3

This tuner’s guide is intended to provide a high level overview of the E92 M3 and inform prospective owners what they can expect from E92 M3 ownership. It is written for those like myself, who can’t leave well-enough alone, and enjoy modifying their vehicle and intend to do just that if they acquire an E92 M3. Let’s go!

In 2008, the BMW M3 returned to North American markets with an all new face on the E92 chassis. The E92 M3 is powered by a true motorsports-bred V8 engine sending power through a traditional 6-speed manual or delightfully quick 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The interior received an entire make-over, giving big spenders more of what they expect for the price tag. The chassis is stiffer and the suspension was all-new. The suspension components were mostly aluminum, and the new geometry eliminated bushing wear and dynamic camber issues found in the E36/46. To no surprise, the E92 M3 carried on as king of the dual purpose street and track segment – more than worthy of the M badge.

In a Nutshell
The E92 M3 is a little heavy (it’s the heaviest of all M3 coupes) but it has a V8 that loves to rev and produces a glorious sound track. The chassis is solid and is overall a masterpiece with loads of character. With a few preventative maintenance items squared away and minor modifications, it will be ready to handle increased power and just about all the abuse you can throw at it without worry.

For anyone considering a BMW M3 of this generation, we’ve compiled an easy to digest list of specs along with the problem areas to look out for when purchasing this car. Use the links below to jump to a specific topic.

Engine | Transmission | Chassis | Suspension | Brakes | Wheels and Tires


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