I Bought Carbon Fiber Splitters for My E92 M3 That Came 60 Miles from Chernobyl

As I say in my video, I really hate clickbait. As clickbait-y as it sounds, I did buy carbon fiber splitters for my M3 and they did come 60 miles from Chernobyl. On to the details……

You may remember a few years ago, our fearless leader and founder of Right Foot Down Josh Taylor once owned a BMW E92 M3. He once purchased a set of eBay carbon fiber splitters, his were more so carbon coated with a plastic backing and he didn’t care. They saved him hundos on something that in his words is “a car part solely for aesthetics knowing damn well it’s likely to get destroyed.”

Since picking up my E92 M3 I have always been eyeing up the dual OEM style splitters and a few other aftermarket splitter choices. I completely agree with Josh on the save money on a potentially damaged part route. OEM BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Splitters are going to run you $700-800 on a good day.

eBay is filled with OEM style splitter options, but I wanted “real” while going the cheap route. I wanted a full on carbon fiber molded splitter set. One seller on eBay is selling carbon fiber pre-preg molds in the OEM style just north of $200 I had to buy them.

I bought them right around the time I had just finished binge watching the very popular and high reviewed HBO series Chernobyl. Radiation made its way to everyone’s TVs as one of the more gruesome killers and something no one wants to encounter.

I didn’t take much note to where my carbon fiber splitters were coming from. It was not until I got the tracking number that I took a unsettling double take after my binge watching Chernobyl. The tracking said it originated in Kiev, Ukraine.

Now, I have nothing bad to say about Kiev, Ukraine. All my research shows it as being a beautiful Eastern European capital city unaffected by the USSR scars housed 60 miles down the road, but after watching a very historically factual (with some leeway) series about Chernobyl it did catch me off guard.

As the video above shows, I unboxed them and am very happy about the quality of the “eBay carbon fiber splitters”. With only the 3M-like tape that came pre-installed on the splitters and some plastic screws underneath, I used some quick grips to press them on my bumper for about 24 hours to be sure they stuck.

I know you want some insight about if there is any radiation on the splitters. One everything gives off radiation and two given the state of security, I am sure anything with a danger level of radiation would not have made it through customs. Or I hope…..

I think they came out great, what do you think?

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