Jonathan Ward of Icon 4×4

Icon 4x4

Our west coast correspondant Ryan West talks with Jonathan Ward, the man behind Icon 4×4, at their shop in Los Angeles. They discuss what inspired him to start the Toyota Landcruiser specific company that came before Icon, TLC, around a campfire in Africa, why the FJ in particular, how Jonathan and Toyota helped each other with both the Icon FJ40 and the Toyota FJ Cruiser, and how Icon branched out to additional models like the TR (based on the 1947-53 Chevy pickup) and the BR (based on the 1966-75 Ford Bronco).

Jonathan gives us a virtual tour of some of Icon’s other projects, such as the Derelict, which looks like an old beater but has upgraded modern equipment and refinements that look original. He also shows off the Disruptor, a 1949 Mercury Coupe that’s being converted into a full electric “Tesla beater,” and other cars becoming or waiting to become Icon’s next creations.

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