Product Review: Goodyear Eagle RS-A

Its time for me to change my tires. December is here with it the potential for all of winter’s interesting driving conditions. I love my Falkens but they don’t really make for a fun ride when temperatures drop. If there’s so much as a slight dusting of snow, forget about going anywhere.

For winter, I choose all season tires. Specifically, Good Eagle RS-As.

Goodyear Eagle RS-A
Goodyear Eagle RS-A
We don’t really get snow often enough to warrant buying snow tires. At most I’d probably use them 4-5 times a season. Honestly most people here with front or four-wheel-drive vehicles probably don’t need them given enough experience (or the right mind) when it comes down to driving in snow. My choice for the past couple years has been RS-As. First off, they’re priced competitively. My 215/45R17 tires cost just over one hundred dollars a piece. Secondly, from my experience, they last well. I’ve seen many a scalloped tire on cars and seldom if at all (I cant think of a time) has one had a set of these. They don’t have belt separation or sidewall cracking like the Pirellis P6. Wont wear as fast as the Continental ContiProContact, and grip better than Michelin Pilots. Performance is what you would expect from an all season tire compared to a max performance summer tire. The Goodyears are moderately soft. The sidewalls are reinforced but ride quality is comfortable without the jarring over bumps. You do notice the difference when quickly changing direction, but grip is held.

Previous all season tires I’ve used include Pirelli P6, Continental ContiExtremeContact, Michelin Pilot Sport, BF Goodrich Traction T/A, and Dunlop Sp Sport 5000. Of all of them the Goodyears are really the best I’ve ever used. Everything else falls short in one way or another. I will buy them again and recommend them to anyone who ever asks. If you want an all good all season tire, look no further.

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  1. I recently jumped ship from Falken to Goodyear, and picked up a set of Eagle GTs (mostly because it was an emergency situation and Sears didn’t have Ziex 912 in stock). Holy wow, are these nice…compared to my old Ziex 512 tires, the difference is like night and day. I’m hooked.

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