The Lexus ES350 is the Most Camry You Can Get for 45K

Yes, I know; the Lexus ES is nothing more than a pimped Toyota Camry – or Avalon. But then, it’s not. Yes, it’s built on the same full-size platform as that taxi cab you took last night to get back from the bar, and yes, it’s powered by the same velvety smooth 3.5L, 268-hp V6.

But step inside a Lexus ES 350, and I dare you to compare it to any Toyota product. This thing is insanely luxurious, comfortable, quiet and distinctively a  Lexus. In fact, I’m pretty sure that for $45 000, there’s absolutely nothing on the market today that matches the ES’ level of comfort, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Simply put, it’s the best luxury bargain available today.

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