The Mini Cooper Clubman is a Charming Buddy That Carries All Your Junk

I do believe the Clubman is the most interesting vehicle in the Mini lineup. Partly because it’s a wagon, and partly because it’s, well a freakin’ Mini.

I must say, a Mini Cooper that can carry your friends and your crap is indeed very appealing.

But I must admit, I was rather worried about the new Clubman. Because it’s huge! I was worried that the added heft and the very long wheelbase, which is, believe it or not, longer than a first-generation Toyota Rav4’s, would alter the Mini Cooper’s lovable driving dynamics. That the car would feel heavy and simply uninspiring.

Turns out everything’s fine. Even in its most basic trim, such as the tester I had; which means powered by a turbocharged three cylinder that develops as much horsepower as your lawnmower, and a 6-speed automatic transmission, the Clubman remains true to its roots.

This little wagon is a blast to drive.


I had the opportunity to spend an entire week in a Clubman, driving it around traffic, highway, and race track. And although BMW Canada warned me to never put one of their Minis on the track again for insurance reasons, I still managed to set the record straight about this Mini Maxi.

Go check out my full review of the car for the full story.


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