BMW E46 M3 vs. Focus ST Part 2

When last you left our intrepid RFD’ers, we were comparing the new hot hatch 2014 Ford Focus ST with the perennial used car champ, the BMW E46 M3. At the end of round one, we had assessed that the Ford had sharper inputs and was greater fun at slower speeds. Despite the M3 being a coupe, both deliver a practical format with the edge in space going to the ST. But we needed to get off public roads to really push the cars to their limits and come up with a winner.

So in part two we subject them to the crucible of motorsport – autocross! Which car will win? Watch the video (in 1080p) to find out! If you enjoy, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Take a look at our Focus ST and our E46 M3 on Wheel Well.


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