A Full Grown Automotive Journalist Can Sleep in the Honda Fit

During the week I had my 2016 Honda Fit, I tried to find innovative new ways of testing its said voluminous cargo capacity. As you all know, the Fit is a marvel in efficiency and smart packaging, and although this third generation is shorter on the outside than its predecessor, it offers the same total interior cargo space.

Now that’s what I call smart engineering.

So, after trying out the nimble little chassis, surprisingly peppy 130-hp 1.5L engine, frustratingly intuitive infotainment system, and boring, but smooth CVT transmission, I headed out to the Eastern Townships to go camping. In the Fit. How did it go? Well, apart from the fact that half of my total blood capacity was donated to local insects, I surprisingly had no problem fitting my full-sized sweaty body in the car for a night.

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