The Car Washing Hack

When I pulled into my driveway awhile back, I found my roommate washing his car outside. While this might seem like a normal activity, please note that it was RAINING outside, yes raining.

It completely stumped me. I had never seen anyone doing this before. It is completely insane, yet there is something absolutely genius about it. Why not turn lemons into lemonade? Use the rain to your advantage.

Most people figure that when it rains your car will be clean, but that is not true.  The grime that coats your car is really stuck on there.  You need a damp cloth in order to remove all of it.

To clean your car in the rain, it’s really simple. Put on a bathing suit, rain jacket, or something water proof.  Keep a clean rag around you house, when it rains go over your car to get rid of any excess dirt or salt. That’s it. Wring out your cloth and repeat.

So today when it rained I joined him and we washed our cars together. It was helpful because my minivan was covered in salt from the recent storm. Note: We didn’t use any soap, but I’m sure you can.

I had to ask him why he does this? His response was, “It’s not about saving money.”  Which is why I thought he did it.  “I’m just obsessive about keeping my car clean.  Any opportunity to do so is a good one.”

There you go. When it rains, don’t forget your cloth.

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