New Audi S8 is No Show, All Go

Are you a German businessman who regularly uses the autobahn? Maybe a professional getaway driver? Then you may be interested in the new Audi S8. Since the new Audi A8 was launched, it has only been available with a V6, which was merely fine. That changes with the S8.

Instead of a V6, it has a 4 liter V8, with twin turbo’s in a hot-V configuration. It’s the same engine that’s found in various Porsche’s and Bentleys, as well as the Lamborghini Urus. With 563 hp and 590 lb-ft, its unlikely to be as fast as its rivals from BMW or Mercedes, but it should be enough to outrun the police or bad guys with machine guns, while pretending you’re Jason Statham. Unlike its rivals, it has a 48V mild-hybrid system, which allows the engine to turn off when coasting to save fuel. However, it likely means more electrical problems as the car ages. Not ideal, given that Audi’s are already prone to electrical problems as it is.

The 4 liter V8 is linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission and sends power to all four wheels. For improved traction, it comes standard with a torque-vectoring limited-slip differential. No brake-based torque vectoring here.

Other alterations to improve the handling includes the suspension, which has been retuned, and includes electromechanical actuators, which can push wheels up and down independently, which allows the tyres to maintain grip over rough surfaces, without compromising ride quality. The suspension can also lean into corners, at up to three degrees. To ensure it can stop quickly from its 155 mph top speed, its fitted as standard with 10 piston front brake calipers, with carbon ceramics being optional. Another standard feature is rear-wheel steering, which improves high speed stability as well as low speed manouverability. Helpful, given that the US is only getting the long wheelbase model.

In terms of styling, its very similar to the regular A8. On the outside, the only noticeable difference is at the rear, where it has a new rear bumper and real exhausts, instead of the nasty fake exhausts found on the regular A8. Inside, it has some diamond-stitched seats. Other than that, it has the same high-quality yet poorly designed interior as all the latest Audi’s. Seriously, why does everything have to be controlled by a touchscreen?

Audi have not yet confirmed when it’ll go on sale, or how much it’ll cost. A reasonable estimate would be around $120k, which you will be able to inflate with the options list.


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