My 2017 Automotive New Year Resolutions


A fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate – call it whatever you want, but a new year means that it’s a chance to begin again and accomplish new things.  With Kanye West taking to Twitter to announce his new year resolution.  I figured I’d also publicly announce some of my “Automotive New Year Resolutions.”  I have my own personal ones, but since this is Right Foot Down I’ll stick to strictly car related things.

  1.  Write more: What does that exactly mean?  Two articles a week or 8 per month – no set length.
  2. More Videos: The scariest part about uploading a video to YouTube is the comments. Internet people are ruthless, things they’d never say to your face are written in the comment section because there are no consequences.  But I’m learning to not care in 2017, and do it because I love making videos.
  3. Learn how to use a random orbital polisher: I’ve been getting into detailing cars, and love it.  But to take it to the next level I need to learn how to use a dual action polisher.  I just bought the “mac daddy” polisher the Rupes Big Foot 21.  Highly regarded among detailers as one of the best, and I got a killer deal on it via Ebay.  I’ve been watching tons of AMMO NYC videos, but eventually I have to put the “polisher to the paint” and give it a go.
  4. Race my 1994 Mazda Miata:  I did my first autocross a couple months back with the Capital Driving Club, and absolutely loved every second of it! I’m currently working on building a custom coil-over suspension for it, and buying summer tires and wheels – I’m still trying to figure out what’s the best setup for my Miata.  I’ll have updates once I do.  I want to race my car at every event they hold this year and bonus points if I get to race it on an actual race track this year.
  5. Restore my Jeep: I inherited a 1997 Jeep Cherokee from my parents a couple months back and it wasn’t in the best shape.  It needed wheels because they were rusted through, the front left fender is dented and missing trim, and the paint is faded, but with my details knowledge improving I will restore it to its original glory.
  6. Go on a press trip/get press cars:  Being an automotive journalist has it’s perks, going on a press trip sponsored by a manufacturer is one of them, and getting press cars for a week at a time is another one.  The first part of that is you need to be an automotive journalist – I’m not quite there yet. My dream would be to get to go to the launch of the new Mazda Miata Retractable Fastback (RF). Justin and I were fortunate enough to see it when it debuted at the New York International Auto Show, and it was love at first sight.   I was on Mazda’s website last night customizing my own and it’s beautiful.

In six months I’ll check back in and see how I am doing – make sure to hold me accountable to these goals!  I hope everyone has an amazing new year, and can’t wait for 2017!

What are your automotive resolutions this year?


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