Exomotive Exocet equals Miata-based track fun

Continuing our track weapons series, today’s feature is something completely different.  We covered the latest Ariel Atom, the 3S recently and they have the market cornered on “elemental” track cars.  We should get a chance to take a closer look at that car at VIR after the first of the year, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, everyone knows that, if you want to go racing and not spend a lot of money, you should consider a Mazda Miata.  Spec-Miata races are good fun, but what if you think “it’s still too heavy”.  Well Exomotive has something for you.  It’s called the Exocet, and like the missile it shares a name with, I bet it hauls ass and destroys some shit.

exomotive exocet xp-5
You’ll need to be able to turn a wrench, or find a good shop that you can work with for roughly 100 hours, but the result is basic track motoring for around $10,000.  That’s right, for the price of a high mileage econbox, you can have what they refer to as an “exoskeletal kit car”.  Basically, it’s a DIY Atom.

exomotive exocet xp-5
30% lighter.  That’s a pretty good start.  Add to that a super rigid base chassis that bolts directly to the Miata donor car.  Much like the Atom, the new Exocet was designed with LSx V8 power in mind.  That’s pretty amazing.  According to Exomotive, with a full tank of gas, their latest version, the XP-5 weighs just 1696 pounds. “Simulations show sub-3 seconds [0-60mph] with a good launch but we have yet to confirm.”  That’s supercar territory if it turns out to be true.  And it comes in three flavors, base, sport, and race.

exomotive exocet xp-5Each kit, as you can see, comes with additional torsional and chassis improvements.  Prices start at $6500 for the base and each bump up will only cost you $700-$800 pricing out at $8000 for the race version.  Factor in a cheap donor Miata and you can see why this could potentially be a $10K supercar.  You can equip yours with various body panels, or just keep it bare skeleton.

exomotive exocet So if you’re in the market for a track toy, this is yet another interesting option.  As usual, we would love to try out an Exocet so feel free to add us to your next press day if you’re reading this Exomotive.  Take a look at their site, they have a bunch of Miata-based options including a pretty impressive looking MEV Replicar / DBR1.

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