Is the Cadillac ELR the Sexiest EV because GM Stole Design Cues from…

Cadillac ELR

First off, is it correct to call the Cadillac ELR an electric vehicle when it’s more of less a hybrid? More or less speaking, underneath it’s more or less a Chevrolet Volt.

And I don’t care. No matter how it drives (undoubtedly much like a Chevy Volt) it will always get attention. Those body lines. Dat ass. May I say it again — gorgeous.

But wait. Chevrolet was accused of stealing Ferrari styling cues for the Corvette C7 so it wouldn’t surprise me that the body lines of the Cadillac ELR look so similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Let’s take a closer look and you be the judge.


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