The Shift-S3ctor 1/3 Mile Roll Race / Trap Speed Competition

If you’re an enthusiast on the west coast and you haven’t heard of Shift-S3ctor, you should. These guys host incredible track days, bringing, as they call it, the “Triple Threat” of automotive events. This of course being road courses, drag/side by side roll runs and drifting.

February 22nd was their 1/3 Mile Roll Race / Trap Speed Competition at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA. According to their website, this is more of an “appetizer” to their Airstrip Attack events. Cars accelerate down a 1/3 mile strip of the Big Willow Raceway and trap speeds are recorded at the end. As you can imagine, being California and all, some beautiful high end cars were in attendance.

It’s a good think photographer BJ Lopez was in attendance. BJ’s work is some of the best track day photography I’ve seen in a while.

This is the Switzer Porsche 911 Turbo. You are looking at the winner.

Be sure to like BJ’s facebook page to get a feed of all his latest work.


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