Why The 2016 Ford Focus RS Will Not Be A Cult Classic

Focus RS and Mountune Focus RS
Focus RS and Mountune Focus RS

Does it live up to the hype?

Ezra Dyer wrote an amazing article on why the Ford Focus RS did not make the Car and Driver 10 Best List (fanboy outrage ensued).  It was the first time I had seen a major automotive publication be hard on the enthusiast halo car from Ford. I loved every word from Ezra because I had felt the same way towards the Focus RS.  If you see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here (Don’t forget my article here…Ed.) you’d think it’d be the best thing since sliced bread.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a damn good car, but it’s no 1986 Sierra Cosworth RS.

But seriously is it any good?

I had an opportunity to drive a 2016 Ford Focus RS at the 2016 Washington Automotive Press Rally in October.  It was a short amount of seat time, but you only a couple minutes to realize if a cars special (i.e. Alfa Romeo 4C).  Here are the reasons why the 2016 Focus RS won’t ever be able to escape the shadow of it’s older siblings fender flares.

Ford Focus RS
Ford Focus RS
Ford Focus RS
Ford Focus RS

Why Focus RS Won’t Be A Cult Classic:

  1. The Godfather of zebra livery, Ken Block, had his hands all over the Focus RS and you can tell.  Drift mode is the Roomba of sport settings, it’s cool in theory, but completely worthless.
  2. It’s a known fact that the seats in the Focus ST are terrible. For some terrible reason they are still in the Focus RS. Why Ford, why?
  3. Volkswagen has made an all-wheel-drive car with zero torque steer.  Ford has managed to somehow still have torque steer in the Focus RS. Why not just save the weight and keep it front-wheel-drive and add huge fender flares?
  4. It doesn’t feel special, it’s forgettable. 
  5. It doesn’t have a special body kit.  The previous RS’s were wolf’s in wolfs clothing.  This one is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  6. More evidence that it’s not worth it’s weight in gold, poor ride quality.

One this is for sure, it will be a damn good deal in the used car market.  There are already 23 for sale nationwide on cars.com, and all have super low miles.  Must have been owners that realized that car isn’t as good as the media hyped it up to be.  Hell, Matt Farah almost sold his after a month.

  1. Nope, nope, nope. This is all wrong. Who runs this site! Oh wait…anyway, my rebuttal is below.

    1. I like Ken Block!
    2. The seats are great. It’s the ride that sucks.
    3. The torque steer was only at higher speeds vs. off the line. Much safer. Wait.
    4. Yes it does.
    5. It’s pretty noticeable on the street, especially since it has a couple of unique colors.
    6. The ride does suck.

    I guarantee this becomes a classic. Words marked, mark them!

    1. 1. Who likes Ken Block?
      2. It’s a fact that the seats are uncomfortable, a fact.
      3. And low speeds…
      4. No it doesn’t
      5. It’s looks like a Focus
      6. So, so, so, so bad….just bad… yup it’s bad…

  2. 1. Drift mode… no one! ( normal people) use this.
    2. Track mode ..??!?? Ok some use it…..but at least offer all season tires as a $30.00 option for those non track people who just want a sharp car to drive all year long wo charging $ 2000. 00 for a wheel and tire pkg
    3. Use regular bolstered seats i.e. Non- “drift -mode” seats so we can be relatively comfortable while just cursing in our sharp cars.
    4. Lastly if you have an all wheel drive car that you intend on selling as an all year long driver why not separate the heated seats ,heated steering wheel , and heated mirrors from all the other ( $2,700.00) stuff, just charge $500 for a winter package !!

    I realize you want to make some money but you got a schizophrenic car here, I’ll buy a Mustang GT , a Camaro SS , focus st .. for $10,000 less! I mean your selling the car with things that no one ( normal people ) uses 😎👌🏼

    PS from my research prior RS cars were very streetable with less technology and gizmos and we are very comfortable to drive …. go back to the future

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