What is it Like to Drive Porsche’s Stripped Out Baby SUV?

I know what you’re all thinking – that the Porsche Macan is nothing more than a dressed up Audi Q5. And you’d be somewhat right, since they both share the same basic platform. I know, the idea of a Porsche based on one of its sub brands isn’t exactly exciting, is it?

There are two reasons for this. The first being that we know Porsche has the engineering know-how to develop and build their own compact SUV, which, with all due respect to Audi, would have the potential to be a much better vehicle in all categories. Because Porsche.

Second, since Porsche cars are meant to be exclusive, the notion of an affordable SUV from Stuttgart’s finest doesn’t exactly feel that exclusive.  That said, I’m sure you’re still curious to find out how the Macan feels behind the wheel. Especially in this base trim, and powered by the same 2.0T that propels virtually every VW/Audi vehicle. The question is: does the Porsche Macan 2.0T feel like a special vehicle? Does it deserve to be called a Porsche?

You’ll have to check out my full review to find out.


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