2015 Ford Mustang GT: Preview

2015 Mustang GT

It’s Mustangtember!  Or Mustember.  Basically September at RFD will feature a lot of Mustang content.  Justin Hughes is putting the finishing touches on his article about rallying an EcoBoost Mustang and my driveway was the scene of a press car delivery this morning.  It’s a 2015 GT Premium in Magnetic Metallic with Redline Recaro leather seats.  If you’ve paid attention to my ramblings over the years, you’ll know I’m a Mustang guy.  I’ve owned every generation since the Fox body and loved them all in different ways.  The V8 rumble, the simple inexpensive aftermarket support, I even won Street Touring X one autocross season piloting a 2003 Mustang GT with just shocks, springs, and decent tires.  Who says Mustangs can’t handle?  This new car is a different animal.  From the time it was delivered this morning, I’ve had a tough time not staring at it.  From the little details on the exterior to the ridiculous, but awesome, pony projection on the ground when you unlock the car, it just exudes personality.

We’ve got big plans for our pony car.  Think dramatic House of Cards opening sequence, DC at night, just a man and his steed.  I can’t wait.  In the meantime, let us know what you want to know about the car, or what you want to see us do with this loaner GT.  Keep an eye out on social media for #rfdmustang.  Here are some sneak peek pics as part of our 2015 Ford Mustang GT preview.

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