VIDEO: The Ultimate Engine out Detail on a Porsche Carrera GT

Photo by Richard Thompson IIIA European owner of a Porsche Carrera GT brought his car in for its engine out 4-year service. The engine comes out primarily to check valve clearances however it is also a chance to check all is mechanically sound. Since the car is all but taken apart in to a million pieces in the process the owner felt it would be a good time to have the hard to reach places cleaned.

This Porsche Carrera GT has done just over 13,000 miles and has been used as Porsche intended – at the track. This particular Carrera GT has visited the Nurburgring and on many of the best roads that the UK, France, Germany and Belgium has to offer.

The video was shot by Paul Dalton of Miracle Detail showing the Porsche at a dealer receiving the engine out and a full detail.

More pictures and information from the owner can be found . The photo above was taken by Richard Thompson III.


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