Her Mercedes SL65 AMG Black

Somebody at AMG thought it would be fun to take the already ridiculously fast Mercedes SL65 and have their way with it. The result is the SL65 AMG Black. Photos by none other than David Nickerson II.

The wide front fenders cover AMG’s forged wheels wrapped in 265/35/19 rubber. The vents help extract heat from the 661 horspower twin turbo V12 engine.

The AMG Black badge means this particular model is no non-sense. The interior is designed in all black and was designed to translate as much racing sensation to the driver as a street legal a car possibly could.

Look at those wide fenders. They practically double as a landing pad.

All 661 horsepower is delivered though a 5-speed automatic transmission to sticky 325 width Dunlop Sport Maxx GT rear tires which catapult the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black to sixty MPH in sub-4 seconds. 15.3 inch front rotors will slow it down in a hurry.

Visually, the Black Series is the monster lurking under the bed of the kid in all of us. We hope you enjoyed the photos. View more from this shoot by visiting the site of David Nickerson II. Also check him on Facebook and videos from his shoots on YouTube.


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