RFD TrackHUD – Heads Up Display with Targeting!

If you are like us, you have lost quite a few of your weekends racing wheel to wheel with dozens of your closest nemesis friends.  Wait, what’s the plural of nemesis?  Nevermind, it’s time to visit the RFD technology bin.  Today’s featured new product will change your life, at least at the track.  Introducing the RFD TrackHUD!


Much like my daily commute into DC, I almost always have a certain car on the track that I just really want to pass.  RFD proudly introduces RFD TrackHUD, the first of its kind Heads Up Display with built in targeting package!   Our patent pending high contrast autofocus system will allow you to lock on to that annoying car in front of you on track.  An accurate-to-the-inch distance meter will keep you informed of distance gained and lost on your new friend. Once the spread between you and your target friend reaches a preset range our software will automatically deploy your primary weapons system.  If your vehicle is bereft of sidewinders, it allows you to log how long it takes you to pass them.

HUD targeting

If you are coming up on another TrackHUD user, it will display their profile up on your window.  RFD puts the “track” in “distrackting”!  That way when that God damn dentist from Arlington cuts you off, you’ll be able to mark him as a target favorite and keep an eye out for his 911 during your next HPDE or track outing.  Find yourself always following the same person on the track? Follow them on Twitter and see if they give up any of their apex hitting secrets!


Featuring lightning fast version 3.1 GPS technology, TrackHUD triangulates and locks on to your car to record speed, elevation, vehicle dimensions and other variables in micro milliseconds. The low range scanner calculates opposing vehicle dimensions to automatically detect vehicle make and model. Our triangulation and dynamic logging metrics are so quick that the slip angle during a drift can be calculated and displayed on the HUD with unparalleled accuracy in real-time. Unfiltered geo-syncing automatically detects the race track and enhances your video replays with a rotating track display and corresponding vehicle data. Cycle through vehicle dynamics and choose the metrics you wish to display in replay.

When you’re not out on track, the TrackHUD functions as a dashcam, voice-activated to pre-record the previous five minutes in unbelieveable 4k UltraHD resolution at over 60 frames per second. Three Micro SDHC memory ports allow for over three hours of UltraHD footage! Now you can log all that weird shit that happens on your daily drive in unbelievable clarity and post it to Jalopnik.  Dasvidaniya comrade!

TrackHUD uses the latest in Altocumulus cloud technology to store your race logs in an encrypted free-floating file vault. Download our app to re-live all of your passes, compare lap times, or share with your friends on the most popular social networks.

And it’s Google Glass compatible!  It’s TrackHUD!

Oh, and keep an eye out for our helmet-friendly lightweight version, coming this fall for your MotoX and karting needs!

Kart HUD

Unfortunately all of this is hooey, we aren’t selling a HUD for track use, but you have to admit, it would be awesome.  Someone start a Kickstarter for RFD and we’ll make it happen.  Or just build it and send us royalties. We have tires and brake pads to buy.

 Photos (pre-manipulation): www.trackvids.com


Will is an automotive writer and regular contributor to Right Foot Down.  Based in Maryland, he has had a long history of founding failed automotive sites and spending way too much time on car forums.  He has owned “too many Mustangs” according to Josh and has a fetish for RWD V8s.  He spent most of his 20s on tracks in the mid-atlantic and killing cones in parking lots and has even taught at a teen performance driving school.

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