First Look: Toyota’s 2024 GR Line Up: GR Supra, GR86, and GR Corolla

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For 2024, Toyota is bringing two hot new trim levels to the GR Supra and GR86 and shining up the GR Corolla a bit. I was fortunate to get some alone time with these new 2024 machines ahead of their announcement and I want to tell you all about what is new.

2024 Toyota GR Supra 45th Anniversary Edition

Let’s start with the monster in the room. For the 45th Anniversary of the Supra, Toyota is releasing a special 45th Anniversary Edition trim level for the GR Supra. 

The 45th Anniversary Edition GR Supra was built to specifically give tribute to the 90s MkIV Supra and as you can tell by its orange paint job (Mikan Blast) it pulls at your heartstrings for the most famous 90s Supra of all – Brian O’Connor’s Fast and Furious MkIV Supra. Along with the Mikan Blast (mikan means orange in Japanese) color option, the 45th Anniversary GR Supra will be available in Absolute Zero (basically white) as well.

This GR Supra will have a 3.0 Premium trim as a starting base. Taking a 3.0 Premium, Toyota has thrown a manually adjustable rear spoiler on the vehicle. It is about 3 inches above the rear hatch and can be adjusted for personal downforce angle or simply looks.

To go along with the eye-catching spoiler, the 45th Anniversary Edition gets matte-black 19-inch aluminum wheels with black GR-painted brake calipers up front. A Supra-branded black side graphic follows the side panels and popping the hood will reveal a special GR strut tower brace.

This special GR Supra will be available in both manual and automatic transmission configurations but will be limited to 900 units. 900 split even between Mikan Blast and Absolute Zero. Available Fall 2023.

What do I like? The spoiler and the color. 

2024 Toyota GR86 TRUENO Edition

Alongside the GR Supra, the 2024 GR86 is getting a special trim too – TRUENO Edition. The 2024 Toyota GR86 TRUENO Edition takes its divine car enthusiast inspiration from the AE86 that came before. It celebrates 40 years since the launch of the AE86.

The TRUENO Edition is built on the Premium trim of the GR86, but adds a unique two-tone color scheme. You can pick Halo/black or Track bRed and black, basically white and black or red and black. The hood is wrapped in black as well as a TRUENO Edition side graphic in black. 

The front lip and rear trunk feature TRUENO Edition badges. The vehicle features a unique black metallic 18-inch wheel not found on other GR86s.

For 2024, there is a new Performance Package that comes standard on the TRUENO Edition. It adds SACHS Dampers and Brembo Brakes. This new Performance Package is also retrofittable to 2022 and 2023 GR86 models as well. (you need 18-inch wheels to make it work)

860 units will be available. On sale Winter 2023.

What do I like? Old school heritage shining through.

2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition

So the 45th Anniversary Edition GR Supra and the TRUENO Edition GR86s are completely new trim levels, but for this last one with the 2024 Toyota GR Corolla Circuit Edition, it is really about just making what they already have a bit spicier.

The GR Corolla Circuit Edition will come with an optional Blue Flame color choice (Ice Cap available as well). Stealing the goodies from the prized MORIZO Edition the 2024 GR Corolla Circuit Edition will get the same 18-inch BBS wheels from the MORIZO Edition. 

The forged carbon fiber roof and rear hatch spoiler add to the performance aesthetic. For when you are not shredding your local track, the JBL Premium audio system is now standard on the Circuit Edition.

1600 Circuit Editions will be available for sale starting in Winter 2023.

What do I like? It might take performance more seriously than even the GR Supra. Carbon roof, and hood vents, all combine to make it an angry-looking package.

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