A Revolutionary Turbo Design Straight from Formula 1

If you haven’t been following Formula 1 in 2014 then you may not be aware that Mercedes Benz has developed something extraordinary. A two piece, or split design turbo. Quite simply, it places the turbine in front of the engine and the cold side, known as the compressor, on the opposite side connected through the center of the engine via a shaft. It is a revolutionary design with many benefits.

First, by placing the turbine up front it can be cooled by the incoming air inlet. Second, the placement now allows for smaller intercoolers and less piping which means less turbo lag for less reliance on KERS. Because of the smaller piping and intercoolers, the body work can be narrower to reduce aerodynamic drag. Then there is the transmission, now free of the turbine’s heat, can be placed closer to the engine for better weight distribution and balance.

Watch the video after the break.


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