New Q3 Sportback really is sporty, says Audi

Another day, another new crossover. Meet the new Audi Q3 Sportback.

It’s essentially a more expensive, slightly re-styled version of the regular Q3. The most obvious change is having more creases and slashes in the body, because its 2019, and slashes make crossover buyers think it looks “muscular,” according to Audi. It also has a new sloping roof, which Audi thinks makes it look like a coupe.

Due to being slightly longer, the Sportback preserves the regular Q3’s cargo space, so that’s something. To keep the styling balanced, the Sportback has more aggressive styling, including larger fake vents and some extra black plastic. Overall though, it looks very similar. The Q3 is a bland crossover, and the Sportback does little to change that, other than extra body slashes.

Inside, it has the same interior as the standard Q3. The same digital gauges, the same technology, and the same over-application of shiny black plastic that will be covered in fingerprints within a few days. The only difference is in the rear, where there’s less headroom, thanks to the sloping roof.

Audi’s claims of “highly dynamic handling” and “strength and precision to an equal degree,” should be taken with a pinch of salt. Despite their claims of it being “especially sporty,” it’s ultimately an Audi Q3, and will drive like a Q3. Which is to say that it’ll drive like any other crossover. It has sports suspension fitted as standard, but it is unlikely that it’ll handle massively well. Expect numb, over-assisted steering and lots of understeer and body roll.   

US pricing has yet to be announced, but it goes on sale in Germany starting at 40,200 in 35 TDI S Tronic form, around €2k more than the regular Q3. The chances of the US getting the diesels are slim- it will come stateside with turbocharged 4-cylinder engines under the hood, with some versions being paired with a 48V mild-hybrid system.

It arrives in US dealerships in early 2020, so if you want one, you still have plenty of time to realise you should buy a sedan instead.


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