Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I can’t wait for tomorrow! Presents!!! YESSSSS!!!

Santa may have brought a special gift for your car “Jettas been a good one this year! Only 5 taillight outages.” Maybe instead, Santa may have a brought you a Lexus if you live in an undecorated, too-contemporary, all-white house. There may be a Korean SUV in your stocking. Your neighbors might be given Buicks. If your super-rich you could have been given a Nieman Marcus Camaro rag top to drive to your new private Boeing 737 or modern house boat. If you read the articles here you probably have something on your wish list automotive related. Whether it be tools, parts, event passes, or gear/apparel.

Tis’ the season for travel and many of you are doing so by car. Being fondled or seen naked by the TSA may have swayed you from flying. Those of you who chose the road in your Fords, Kias, Hondas, Aston Martins, Jeeps, BMWs, etc… Please travel safely and have a Happy Holiday(s)!


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