Massa’s Bounce Back – Back Home in Europe, The Real F1 Season Begins

After major criticism, notably in the Italian press, Massa finally shaped up and handed Ferrari their second win in a row. Clearly the class of the field on Sunday, Felipe made Bahrain a snoozer up front after making a surprisingly great start around pole sitting Kubica. Behind him, Kimi managed to snake his way up from the second row to P2, as Ferrari stomped out BMW’s pre-race hopes for a race win rather early. Meanwhile, Lewis had another rookie looking run, nearly stalling on the start after fumbling with the electronics. Making sure that wasn’t the only ball he dropped, he proceeded to run into the back of Fernando Alonso in another bonehead moment. So much for any demon start and drive through the field, it effectively ruined Fernando’s race as well as it took a huge chunk out of his rear wing. As for BMW, it wasn’t a win, but cars coming home P3 and P4, Mario Theissen and the BMW faithful have cause to celebrate. Kubica not being able to control the pace after losing the lead off the start really hurt them, but both him and Nick drove solid races for big points, maintaining their status of the Constructors’ Championship point leaders. The recap? Massa showed some focus, Lewis shot another blank, and BMW may not be winning, but they’re racking up serious points.

As most F1 fans know, they say the real season starts in Europe after the first 3 fly-away races, as the teams settle into their rhythm and real car developments come on-line. While F1 comes back to start the real season, Kimi easily has the edge in points, as Hamilton has floundered after his Aussie domination. The Constructors’ though, is almost even slate. Whereas Ferrari and McLaren have had problems bringing both cars home in points, BMW’s duo continues to bring home both in solid points finishes.

I’m still sticking with Kimi as my horse as the season hits full swing, the F2008 is undeniably the class of the field. McLaren is going to need to put in some work to get on level footing with the Scuderia, especially with BMW taking points off the board and being a challenger themselves. I also still think BMW will need to get extremely lucky to win as I mentioned before, but they have no doubt solidified themselves as the clear third challenger. I will admit though, that I did miss the boat on predicting their performance, especially putting the lost Renault team to be ahead of them.

See you in Barcelona!


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