Top Ten Driving Mistakes

The released a list of top ten driving mistakes here. Chances are you’re guilty of more than just one. Check out a preview below or click this link to check out their original page article.

Mistake #1: Improper Driving Position
The proper driving position is important because it helps you get the optimal feedback from your car’s chassis while also keeping you from getting fatigued. First, your seat should be adjusted so that you are able to depress the clutch completely and perform heel/toe braking without banging your knee on the steering column. You should also be able to use the dead pedal for support through high-g turns. Your shoulder harness should be tight so that you do not need to rely upon the steering wheel for support. Next, you should have a 90- to 120-degree bend in your elbows with your hands in the proper 3 and 9 o’clock positions on the steering wheel. This will allow you to make a 180-degree turn of the wheel when you need to correct an oversteer slide. Ideally, your thumbs should be in contact with the 3 and 9 spokes on the steering wheel. This gives you more direct feedback from the front suspension in case of an understeer situation. (Note: Since formula car and sports racer steering wheels are smaller in diameter, your arms should be straighter and have less bend at the elbows). Finally, your butt should be tucked firmly into the seat back so that you can get feedback from the chassis and up through the seat. This will give you a better feel as to what the rear end of the car is doing. In keeping with the Zen philosophy of racing, you should become one with your car. Get comfortable, go faster.

The rest of the list includes:
Mistake #2: Failure to Look Ahead
Mistake #3: Improper Braking Technique
Mistake #4: Improper Downshift Technique
Mistake #5: Apexing Too Early
Mistake #6: Premature Acceleration
Mistake #7: Not Using the Entire Track
Mistake #8: Failure to Compensate for Slip Angles
Mistake #9: Killing your Momentum in Traffic
Mistake #10: Poor Weight Management

Again, check the link here or above to view their original article.


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