Dodge Viper takes back the Nurburgring lap record. Again.

to rub it in they brought out the Viper ACR-X and this time it wasn’t even close.

Just a few days after Lexus boasted the fastest lap time around the Green Hell in their ‘ring edition LFA, Dodge has reclaimed the fastest lap time in the 2010 model year Viper ACR by posting a time of 7:12. The Lexus LFA lapped the Nurburgring in 7:14.68 or something? I say something because let’s face it, nobody cares now, so it really is irrelevant.

The Viper ACR, if you recall, and you damn well should, is a no bullshit $100,000 street-legal track machine. It packs 600 horsepower, lightweight suspension components and an aerodynamics package that delivers 1000 lbs of downforce at speeds of 150mph. Simply put, it was made for breaking records.

Then to rub it in [the reclaimed lap record] they brought out the $110,000 Viper ACR-X. This version of the snake produces 640hp and weighs 160lbs less than the standard (if you call it that) ACR. The result? The Viper ACR-X spanked that Green Hell ass, laying down a blistering 7:03 and a few pennies. Where’s my American flag?

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