BREAKING: Nürburgring Bans Timed Laps, New Test Track

This type of news just before the weekend can’t be any more upsetting. Folks, it looks like Nürburgring management has just banned lap times. This means manufacturers can no longer attempt to break records. The news comes from They were planning to film the Koenigsegg One and caught wind of the story just before leaving for Europe. Why did the Nurburgring ban lap times? Quote from Apex below.

The decision to ban timed laps stems from an accident earlier this year at a VLN race, involving driver Jann Mardenborough, in which a spectator was killed. Track management reacted by imposing a speed limit at Flugplatz, where the crash occurred. Since then, management has imposed further restrictions in other high-speed sectors. This is a particularly disappointing development for Koenigsegg, since the One:1’s flat-out speed in those sectors would likely have given it a lap-time advantage. In Tiergarten, for instance, a long, fast section where Christian estimates the One:1 could easily hit 300 kph, speed is now restricted to just 200 kph.

Official word from Nurburgring management is that these restrictions will be reviewed at the end of the year, but for the time being, manufacturers like Koenigsegg are banned from attempting lap-time runs — even if they’ve rented out the entire track for themselves.

So what happens now? The world waits for the ban to be revisited in a years time or do manufacturers choose a new benchmark?

Personally, while the Nurburgring is epic and it’s history can not be understated, do we really need a 13 mile course for a benchmark where so many variables are in play? I’m onboard with the notion of using nearby Spa Francorchamps. And why not? It is a long high-speed track with motorsports provenance. Or better yet, come stateside to a circuit like the four-mile West Grand course at Virginia International Raceway. Chime in below and let us know your thoughts.


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