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Greetings readers!  On February 19, 2008 the very first post made its way on to our little website called Right Foot Down.  It was about the 908 diesel that Peugeot was bringing to Sebring.  Seven years, and many hundreds of articles, reviews, and video features later, we are still growing and looking to smartly continue that growth.  Which brings me to why I have called you all here today.  We want your feedback.  Anyone who has ever managed any sort of business or organization that serves customers knows the importance of surveying them on a regular basis to ensure you are meeting the mark.

So please take a minute and consider the questions below. Our crack team of metrics and feedback specialists will lock themselves into a room with energy drinks beer and tacos and use this to help us improve the RFD experience for you all moving forward.

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Feel free to monologue in the comments section as well, if there is something that isn’t covered by the questions above (we tried to keep it short) fire away!

As always, thanks for visiting the site and commenting on our stuff.  We try to produce articles that we think people will care about enough to discuss.  And we’re happy to hear contrarian or alternate opinions, it’s the internet after all!

Oh and we’re looking for new writers to contribute to the site.  The pay sucks but its a great way to get some writing experience.


Josh Taylor
RFD Owner/Founder

William Byrd
RFD Editor-in-Chief


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