Stock Ford Fiesta ST vs Fully Modified Fiesta ST, Street Comparison

Stock and Modified Ford Fiesta STs

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we at RightFootDown have been planning for months. We’re going to be driving stock and fully modified versions of YOUR CAR on as twisty of tarmac as we can find and give our thoughts. Today I present to you the first one-take of hopefully many to come. This past weekend we were lucky enough to find two Ford Fiesta ST’s and two owners trusting enough to let me have a go.

First up, Kevin Glaus’s red 2015 Ford Fiesta ST. It’s 100% stock with only a few thousand miles on the odometer. It’s a bare bones model with no option other than the Recaro seats. This is exactly how a Fiesta ST should be optioned in our opinion. No sunroof, no other nannies. Just front-wheel-driving pleasure.

Next, we compare it to Jonathan Deng’s black Fiesta ST. His FiST also has the optional-but-required-to-be-taken-seriously Recaro seats plus a sunroof, but we won’t knock him for that. Other than body work, not much of this car has been left untouched. It has an intake, intercooler, full exhaust, suspension, wheels, tires and more. To get all of the details about Jonathan Deng’s Ford Fiesta ST, please check out his page here.

Alas, we get to the good stuff. Below is the video. Keep in mind this was all filmed in one-take. No take-twos here.

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