Untitled Car Show and Right Foot Down Announce Partnership

The untitled carshows race car

What a weird wild ride this automotive journalism thing has been. About five-ish years ago now, I really wanted to get into this field. I am not a good writer, it was my worst subject in school and continues to be a trying endeavor. I sat down and did a realistic self assessment of my abilities. I can’t write terribly well, but I can talk. I can’t get a budget to purchase or rent super cars, but I can talk about them. I’m a pretty good investigator, I’m “web savvy” having grown up a big computer nerd, and I have been told I’m funny. So I tried to put together a YouTube channel. I called up my cousin (who’s basically a brother to me), and proposed a idea.

The first failed attempt!

My cousin and I would drive my brand new Dodge Challenger R/T across the country. I would film, edit and upload the journey.  I have some great memories from this journey.  Sadly I lost most of the footage when I dropped my iPhone in a puddle; (OK maybe it was in the shower) I was unable to recover that.  However, the backup cameras and equipment were damaged in the brutal heat while the car was parked in the desert heat in Nevada during an extended filming of :oh my god gyros” combined with “the worlds largest non working thermometer!?”.  So needless to say the attempt at video reviews didn’t work out so well.

The second failed attempt

So I tried putting together factual “news” segments on YouTube (links to which I will not included out of embarrassment.).  All I can say is that it did not do well.  It was very dry, and honestly not fun to make either.


The podcast

As all of this was fading, and as I was working behind the scenes on another YouTube show that crashed and burned, I met Proc.  This whole thing could, and will, have its own story, but this is the cliff notes version. Proc showed me how to record and use audio equipment. If you have been a long time listener, you know that, when Proc’s schedule precluded him being at recording sessions, the audio quality dipped dramatically. So we worked on getting my studio & equipment up to snuff. It’s been an incredibly fun adventure doing the podcast, tracking down leads, working on scheduling guests. I will go further into detail on all of the podcast shenanigans soon. For now I have some exciting news!


Right Foot Down Partnership

So this is the exciting news!  It all started geographically. It turns out I’m in close proximity to the RFD guys, who are a great bunch. The idea of doing projects together has always been something we wanted to do. It dates back as far as Will and I meeting at a local Annapolis Cars & Coffee. We emailed back and forth, discussing the future. The idea of a partnership seemed to be the best for both groups. What does this mean for The Untitled Car Show you may ask yourself?  Well it will still be mostly the same on the listener’s side.  I will continue interviewing interesting people. However, the partnership opens a lot of opportunities and connections for great guests to come on the show! It will open up time and resources that I can use to create other content as well!  One of those first efforts is going to be more episodes!  If you enjoyed the cluster call episode, there will be more like that!  Stay tuned for special episodes, one on one calls with Oppositelock authors, and a lot more. So stay tuned for all that!

I’m really excited for the opportunities this is opening up for the show! It’s going to be great to work along side some of my favorite authors. It’s going to be a wild fun journey.

Tomorrow I will have more exciting news!

The untitled carshows race car
The untitled carshows race car

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