Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez


Though most people know him from Jalopnik, Tavarish – mundanely known as Freddy Hernandez – recently devoted himself to his YouTube channel full time. He’s back to The Untitled Car Show to talk with Ike about his big plans for YouTube, including build videos, mechanical knowledge, and possibly a video version of his “Art of the Flip” series from Jalopnik. They discuss upcoming projects, what it takes to build a successful YouTube channel, and how he (doesn’t) prepare to shoot his videos. Other topics include Michael Ballaban’s Yugo and his part in acquiring it, why BMW engines are gigantic pieces of shit (sorry Josh, Will, and Danny), life with Doug DeMuro‘s former Aston Martin, and buying a Mercedes that cost $145,000 new for just $7,000. Ike also tries to talk Tavarish into entering next year’s east coast LeMons Rally.

Listen here on mobile.

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