Video Review: Smart ForTwo Passion

2016 Smart ForTwo

Thanks Ike.  That’s what I kept saying to myself after our intrepid Untitled Car Show host convinced me to take this Smart ForTwo Passion out on a test run.  Well, “run” isn’t quite the right word.  More like jog.  I’ll admit, I have never been a fan of the Smart, any of them.  To me, it was an expensive, tiny, not all that economical, waste of time.  I now have completely changed my mind.

It’s also weird.

(Full Disclosure: This drive was done at the annual Washington Automotive Press Association “WAPA Rally” where 150 automotive journalists scramble around all day spending about 15 minutes with each car.  It’s a lot of fun! #waparally) 

2016 Smart ForTwo

And perhaps that’s where it actually makes some sense.  If you listen to Ike ramble through the video about how he felt himself starting to like the ForTwo, you, well, hear the ramblings of a crazy man.  Thought I was going to say something nice didn’t you?  Ok, it’s not all bad, this was one of the few convertibles we drove at the Washington Auto Press Association Rally, and as an open-air experience, it’s exceptional.  The two piece fabric top just works, with a targa style opening to the sky the first order of business when thumbing the “top down” button; followed by a “oh hey, let’s drop that shit some more” moment as the rear window disappears down towards the trunk area.

Well, “disappears” isn’t quite the right word.  More like entirely blocks the bottom half of your vision.  The Focus RS behind us at the light was just some pillars and a roof.  Very blue pillars and a very blue roof, but that was all that I could see.  At least you’ll know if a cop is behind you.

Not that it will matter, the ZERO point nine liter 3-cylinder is not going to get you into much trouble.  It’s laughably slow.  “But it’s rear wheel drive” Ike kept saying, “and it’s turbocharged, how many RWD German turbo cars are here”.

Uh huh.

2016 Smart ForTwo

With 89 horsepower on tap, flooring it was more of a suggestion to move than a command.  God it’s slow.

Yet, there are things to like about the ForTwo.  None that I found, but watch the video to see whatever cockamamie reason Ike liked this abomination.


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