Do We Even Care About the 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid?

It’s too bad really. The Toyota Camry is not a bad car at all. It drives rather well, seats 5 comfortably, is reliable, has a decent sized trunk, and in hybrid form, is  respectfully thrifty.  But the problem with the Camry has never been that it’s a bad automobile, but rather that it never excelled at anything. Every aspect of this car is midpack. Good enough. Ok at best. Meh.

Unfortunately, in today’s midsize sedan segment, good enough is no longer – well good enough. I mean, look at the Honda Accord. Why do you think people love that car so much? Because it has fancy LED headlights?

Of course not.

Because the Accord punches well above its weight. It offers more to its drivers than 5 seats and an engine. It’s fun to drive, good looking, and handles like a hot hatchback. The Camry unfortunately does none of that. And, the worst part is that Toyota doesn’t give a crap. Because they’re selling these like hotcakes – no matter what people say about it.

In case you care though, I wrote a review about the car .


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