Why is it Never Snowing When I Review Subarus?

Climate change sucks. I live in the northernmost country in North America. We’re in the middle of January, and it’s raining with barely 4 inches of snow on the ground.  What gives?

The fact that we’re having a screwed up winter in Québec is already weird enough. But even weirder, and, to be honest, quite frustrating, is the fact that every time I get my hands on a Subaru, the snow suddenly melts. That’s what happened with the Outback 3.6R I reviewed for Jalopnik, and that’s what happened with this Legacy I had for a week.



I did get a chance to find a country road, far and deep within Québec’s “Centre-du-Québec” region, close to Victoriaville. Luckily, on that road, there were still remnants of the white stuff we used to make snowballs with. Although this was a very limited experience, it allowed me to sample Subaru’s still excellent symmetrical all-wheel drive system in its natural habitat. If it weren’t for that, the Legacy would have came through as just some other mainstream midsize sedan.

Go check out what I wrote about it. 


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