Why is the Honda Accord More Fun to Drive Than an Acura ILX?

No, I’m serious. The 2017 Honda Accord with the 2.4L four-cylinder is more fun to drive than, well pretty much every other car in Honda’s lineup. And that’s somewhat disconcerting. Not only does it feel more nimble and light on its feet than the “smaller” Civic, it’s so freakin well put together that it makes one wonder why they’d pay a premium for any Acura sedan.

And, I mean, my tester wasn’t even the fun model. It was the mundane version with the CVT transmission, yet, I still ended up revving the crap out of that K24 and entering corners so fast that my kidneys started aching. My god this car is fun to drive. But more important: it’s so balanced that it’ll put cars costing much, much more to shame – even a 70k Volvo SUV.

Now I get why Car and Driver consistently leave this car in their 10 best list. I love this thing to death. So much so, that I’ve been on Honda’s website building myself the perfect payment plan for an Accord Sport ever since I drove one.

Here, go check out my full review. Maybe you’ll want to buy one as well.


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