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It’s the brush you didn’t know you needed.

OK…This. Thing. Is. Bad. Ass.

Whether you use it to clean the entire car, or just to narrow in on tight wheel spokes and muddy tires, Brush Hero truly is the Ultimate Car Detailing Tool.

Made for car guys by car guys, the Brush Hero runs on water pressure alone, generated by any standard garden hose. It doesn’t spin fast, but rather relies on steady, unstoppable torque. With no batteries or electricity required, it can actually be used to clean your ride from top to bottom – even under the hood.

The Starter Set comes with a soft black brush for sensitive surfaces such as paint or chrome, and a tougher white brush for serious muck.

You might also check out the Soap Star, which connects to the tool and adds suds to your scrub. They’re offering both together in a bundle – The Dynamic Duo – for about 10% off.

Brush Hero

They have a bunch of other accessories as well AND the Brush Hero boasts many uses beyond car detailing. Folks are using it to clean gutters, grills, decks, motorcycles, mountain bikes, PETS…sky’s the limit!

Rumor has it they’ll be having a Black Friday sale, as well as holiday deals and surprises throughout December.

Put it on your list! Or pick one up for your fellow car geek.  Check them out at BrushHero.com.

Brush Hero

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