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I suggest after you read this article, to open a new tab and go to the auto detailing subreddit, open a new subreddit asking “Who sells the best microfiber towels?“, you might irritate the mods for asking a question that is asked 24.7 but you will get one answer, “The Rag Company”.

Using subpar microfibers without my knowledge, I began to question car detail product quality. For example, I would use a basic microfiber towel and some glass cleaner which claimed it would leave no streak, but it would leave a streak! Is this product lying!? Well after switching to The Rag Company towels I determined top tier detail liquids require top tier microfiber towels. You cannot expect the holy nectar of the gods to work with sandpaper.

History of The Rag Company

Before I go into a product line break down of The Rag Company I wanted to give some background to where they came from.

The Rag Company designs, packages, and distributes microfiber towels and cleaning related products in the USA. A significant portion of their business is focused on auto detailing, but they sell products for a variety of applications such as Spa/Beauty, Healthcare, Optical, Sport, and Animal care.

The Rag Company in its current form started in October 2012 when Jeff and Carolyn Hennen purchased the business. Their oldest son Dane Hennen is the company’s marketing guru. From their purchase of the business, the company had steady growth until well-known YouTube detailer Junkman2000 posted a well-received video featuring The Rag Company’s Eagle Edgeless and Waffle Weave towels.


Being that we are RightFootDown, I am going to focus on their Spa/Beauty product segment. *Just Kidding* I figure the best way to showcase The Rag Company’s product is to break the products down into their automotive uses: Body, Glass, Tools, and Miscellaneous.

When putting The Rag Company’s products through its paces I used the following liquids:

Check out our AMMO NYC feature:

Products for the Body

Towels from The Rag Company

Towels from The Rag Company

Body Product Opinion

After purchasing The Rag Company microfiber towels, I find humor in the fact that the towels that touch my car are now way better than the ones that touch my own body. The quality of the towels is surprising for the cost. At your local auto parts store you can get a bag of 10 or so microfiber towels for around $10 and those microfiber towels have nowhere near the quality of The Rag Companies microfiber towels.

All 5 of the body towels I used on my car could beat any towel you find in stores. In my opinion, you could probably apply wax to your car with the Rag Company’s Car Wash towel and get better results than the “premium” towels you can find locally.

For drying my car, I feel the Puffle towel has made drying my car so much easier. With prior towels, I usually had to do multiple passes, wring out my towel, then continued drying but majority of the time I was just pushing the water around the car instead of lifting it off. With the Puffle, I feel that is a vacuum cleaner and pulling up all the water in limited passes saving time and limiting water spots on my car.

Recommended Must Have?

The Eagle Edgeless. The quality is unmatched, it is the only towel which I will use to detail my car from now on.

Products for Glass

Towels from The Rag Company

Glass Products Opinion

Being a weekend warrior detailer, I can admit determining the difference in quality between premium glass and standard glass towels is a close line. It is much easier to tell quality between body towels.

Recommended Must Have?

Standard Glass and Window Towels. I choose to buy a large quantity of the standard glass towels. The Rag Company’s Standard Glass Towel is a higher quality than anything I have seen in stores with exception to their own Premium Glass Towel. I like to have a large quantity of the towels for bug guts on my headlights and bird poo on my windows and sunroof.

Detailing Tools


Detailing Tools Opinion

I like Wax Applicator because of the hand pocket alone. There have been plenty of times I am focused on detailing. I rub too hard and my applicator slips out of my hands and hits the ground then gets tossed.

With the Knobby Mitt, when you touch each of those little microfiber “fingers” you can tell they have the quality necessary to pick up dirt and debris off of your car. Some similar mits you find in stores can only push the dirt and debris from spot to spot on your car.

I thought the Fender Defender was a nice additional touch. Learning over our cars, cleaning all the nooks and crannies of engine bays or roofs our clothing may touch the cars. This is great way to not rub your paint.

Recommended Must Have?

Wax Applicator with Hand Pocket. Like I mentioned, this saves frustration and allows me to be more connected with the motions I am doing when applying wax. Sounds silly right? I am one with the force…….or my applicator.

Miscellaneous Detailing Products


The Lonely Lens Cloth Opinion

Only one lonely miscellaneous item. Are you going to specifically purchase lens cloths? No. Well unless you own a detail company. I like to have a few of these specifically for the GPS screen in my wife’s and my car. You can clean your cellphone screen with it as well.

Next Things I Want to Try

The Verdict

In college, in one of my business classes I was tasked with reading a book named Raving Fans. Spark notes summary, it was a book about giving customers an experience they “rave” about and willingly become advertisers for your product/service. After I have used The Rag Company products I can tell you I am a raving fan of their product and I am not alone. As I stated, the car detail community as a whole claims The Rag Company has the best microfiber towels. All that is left is for you to try it on your own. I guarantee you will not regret purchasing.

Until another company comes that can match the quality and price, The Rag Company is the reigning king of microfiber towels.

5 out of 5 Stars

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