2017 Mini Cooper S Convertible: Everything is Justifiable in a Mini

A Toyota Camry owner in winter who’d be about to lower his window would receive the following comment from his passengers: “Hey, what are you doing? It’s freezing out, leave that window shut!”

“You’re right, sorry” – the Camry owner would casually respond, removing his hand from the window switch.

The same situation in a Mini Cooper S convertible, however, would take an entirely different route. Because everything about this little bugger screams “let’s go play and have some fun!” That’s why when Myle and I were shooting this 2017 Mini Cooper S convertible for a full review on Clavey’s Corner, the first thing that came through our minds was to drop the top and get a shot of me driving in the cold. Only a Mini Cooper can instill this kind of immature behavior.


And since our entire automotive industry is slowly turning into a giant marshmallow of self-driving cars that do nothing more than carry our overweight, disgusting bodies between restaurants and malls, I had absolutely no guilt in pulling this stunt in a Mini. What you have here folks is one of the last, no compromise, enthusiast-oriented  cars. It’s expensive, not practical at all, gas-guzzling – and I absolutely love it.


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