2016 Honda Civic Coupe: We’re Getting Closer and Closer to the Type R

As we all know, ever since the 2016 Honda Civic was released late last year, Honda’s been on a mission of delivering us the best Civic yet. A new efficient and punchy turbo engine is a great place to start, lest not forget over the top styling and a level of refinement usually found in much more expensive; even German offerings. These are qualities that have helped the new Civic become the benchmark in its class – the new standard, if you will, for what we’ve come to expect from a small car, even though the current Civic sedan is larger than most Accords we grew up with.

Moreover, Honda will eventually sell us an entire range of different Civic configurations. There’s a cool new hatchback just around the corner, and we’re finally getting the full-fat Type R version powered by the mighty 2.0L turbo engine found in the current EUDM Civic Type R. Indeed, Civic Nation is about to get very crowded.

But Honda is taking its time, and insists on going through each one of the Civic’s chapters before reaching its final opus. Chapter one was the sedan, and chapter two is this: the coupe, perhaps one of the most good looking cars to have had a Civic badge slapped onto it.

Go check out my comprehensive review of the 2016 Honda Civic coupe.


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