The MD Street Racing Accident on Highway 210

So if you’re on the east coast, or more specifically the mid-atlantic you’ve probably heard all about the so called street racing accident that killed 7 people last week. Now first off let me say that I don’t think street racing should be legal. And I don’t think those participating or there as spectators were at fault. I’ll tell you what irks me. It’s the damn media. Do they even bother to focus on the driver of the car who hit the crowd of people? No. Why?

WHY? Why don’t we hear about that guy. How about this– maybe if the driver of the white Crown Victoria had their lights on they would have been able to see. Were they drunk? If there was this “cloud of smoke” why didn’ they slow down? Who drives through smoke so thick you can’t see when you’re on a 45+MPH highway? Furthermore let me educate you people. Shortly after getting my license I would go watch the street races up in MD at a place that’s now shut down called Metro. If these people were out at that time of the night they weren’t just some Joe Nobody’s lining up for a drag. There was more than likely money involved. And more to the point- they knew what they were doing. There was no smoke after they took off. Why? Because smoke is a result of spinning the tires and losing traction. Lost traction results in a slower launch and in many cases, the drag race is won or lost in the first sixty feet. If there was smoke from a short burn out to clean off the tires it would have cleared before the Crown Victoria approached from behind. If there was smoke there would have been burnout marks at the scene of the accident. Where are they? Oh, that’s right. There aren’t any.

Way to go local news. You got it wrong.

Matter of fact we both got it wrong-


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