The Art of After Movies

When you missed out on car meets or car events back in the day the only way to view what cars showed up was through word of mouth and Polaroids. In my generation it was low megapixel pictures and shaky cellphone video, but now a day’s car event After Movies are a form of art and expression which allow you to experience events without even ever attending them.

If you went to YouTube and searched “{SOME EVENT YOU COULD NOT ATTEND} After Movie” you will find a ton of videos. Quality varies sometimes, but there are diamonds in the rough.

In my opinion, photographer Chris Petruccio’s YouTube channel Krispy Media’s After Movies are some of these high quality videos and it is not just me. His After Movies are so popular they generate millions of views and there are even teaser trailers to announce them along with Vlog’s to supplement them.

I am a function over form kind of guy, but this video art form draws you in to see a story of an event beyond if you do or don’t like the car’s style.

Krispy Media is not the only one. There are plenty of car events in my area that are the subject of After Movies, but what about in other parts of the world?

I LOVE BASS UK is another YouTube channel which produces quality After Movie content. I personally subscribe to I LOVE BASS UK because through their artistic expression they allow me to experience the events they visit that I have no chance of attending due to my location in the world.

Both Krispy Media and I LOVE BASS UK happened to attend the same event and from the videos you can see that these movies are really an artform which allows them to express what they saw through their camera lenses with their own signature touch.

Krispy Media, I LOVE BASS UK, and many other After Movie content creators put significant production quality into their work. It is not all GoPro’s and cell phone cameras. These channels use thousands of dollars in video equipment to record footage at events and put their own spin on the content so you can see how they envisioned the event.

I believe After Movies allow car enthusiasts to experience different sub-car cultures without leaving their computers. You are able to compare and contrast how your local culture compares to other locations in your country as well as compare your culture to other parts of the world.

Check out some After Movie content that catches your eye and next time you see someone with a camera stabilizer rig at your local car meets, just remember it is no different than watching someone paint a portrait.


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