Take a Tour of The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

Like most automotive enthusiasts, we are unabashedly big fans of the Fast and Furious series.  Sure, they have turned more into Oceans Eleven-type heist movies, but hell, that’s fun too!  Nothing stands up quite as well as the original though.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, here’s a quick primer on where to take a tour of The Fast and the Furious filming locations, get an amazing tuna sandwich and some great selfies.  If you not, fire up Google Maps with us and come along for a little ride.

Toretto’s Market and Diner

Sure, you first take a trip to Dodgers Stadium, where you test your modified Eclipse and end up in an unexpected spin.  But the action starts over a tuna sandwich at Toretto’s, a business we actually never really see again in the series.  So put on your West Coast Customs t-shirt, fire up the SVT Ford Lightning and watch yo, watch yo, watch yo back!

It’s now owned by a fellow named Bob and can be found at 1216 Bellevue Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

The Racers Edge

But of course, you’ll need to get back to work at the local speed shop.  Head on over to 1046 North Orange Drive, Los Angeles to what is now a pretty nondescript building without a car on the roof. It may even be a “paper and envelope company” as of March of this year if Google is correct.  No NOS here, keep moving.

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

Race Time

As evening falls, it’s time to race.  You have something to prove, so you head over to 722 S Alameda St, Los Angeles.   It may not be what you are expecting, unless you were searching for an American Apparel warehouse.

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

Maybe just head to the race spot, 11817 Prairie Ave, Hawthorne, California between 118th and 120th, although the race looked a lot longer.  I don’t remember that Prius being there either.  Street’s closed pizza boy!

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations


After you lost the race (too much granny shifting) and a close call with the cops, you give a buddy a ride home.  722 East Kensington Road, Los Angeles to be specific.  I honestly thought there would be some cooler cars in the driveway.  Whatever, I need a Corona.

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

Date Night

So you’ve lost the race, and keep pissing off the angry dude in the group, but at least you get the girl.  Time to head to Cha Cha Cha at 677 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles for date night.  I think things are going to work with this chick.

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

Big Finale

In between racing some more at the San Bernardino International Airport during “Race Wars” and chasing bad guys down Micheltorena St, you’re hungry again.  Time to head to Neptune’s Net, 42505 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu.

The Fast and the Furious Filming Locations

That was a hell of a trip to Los Angeles.  There’s no telling what adventures are to come.

  1. I actually live right next to the road the chase scene where Dom finds out Brian is a cop was filmed.

    I was watching the movie and… that looks fami… wait. Is that the road I’ve been driving for seven years????

    My neighbour seemed shocked I didn’t already know.

    1. That’s awesome! So that’s where they pulled Vince off of the truck, right? Looked like sort of a deserted highway area. Or is it where the motorcycles came by and shot Jesse?

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